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CentralStar Genetic and Reproduction Services

A member-owner of the largest A.I. Federation in the world, CentralStar delivers breed-leading Select Sires’ genetics from Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations, along with proven reproductive management services. 

These genetic choices offer great diversity, excel in industry index and fit a wide range of breeding goals. Maximizing genetic progress and minimizing the negative effects of inbreeding in your herd can be easily done with the use of the Select Mating Service (SMS) or StrataGEN. Using research, computerized analysis and cow knowledge to create mating plans, CentralStar’s Dairy Programs Evaluators choose the program that best fits your goals.

CentralStar’s portfolio of reproductive services includes:  reproductive troubleshooting, records analysis, A.I. training, expertise using the Milk Pregnancy Test and professional A.I. Service. Reproductive Specialists custom design programs using visual heat detection, synchronization protocol management, A.I., data management, breeding data analysis and working with electronic heat and health monitoring systems. 

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