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Stocked Milk Replacer Formulations


See chart for specific milk replacer nutrition information.

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Unique manufacturing technology results in a 100% instantized product so powder goes into a solution with minimal mixing and is consistent from top to bottom. Mos* has been added at research levels to promote gut and intestinal health. Chelated (organic) trace minerals are used to support growth and immune function. The addition of Tri-Mic WD, has shown to optimize feed intakes, feed utilization, digestive health, and immune system response. Bovatec® is an available option for those looking for control of coccidiosis. Use as a complete source of nutrition for pre-weaned dairy and beef calves.

*Mos increases appetite, normalizes gut microflora, and reinforces the digestive tract.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

A0069 Performance, A0070 Performance with Clarifly, A0073 Max Hi-Performance, A0074 Hi-Performance, A0075 Hi-Performance with Clarifly, A0078 Hi-Performance Plus with Clarifly, A0079 28-26 JERSEY with Clarifly, A0080 First 21™ Complete

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