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Sampling & Shipping Information


  • Sample volumes needed:
    • Johne’s Fecal Test: 3 grams
    • Johne’s Milk Pooled or Bulk Tank:  50 ML
    • BVD Tissue:  Ear Notch
    • All other test types:  4 mL


  • Keep samples refrigerated until shipping
  • Do not freeze unless specifically indicated. Avoid thawing and re-freezing frozen samples


  • Place sample containers in Styrofoam cooler or any tightly sealable container.
  • Pack absorbent material (such as paper towel) around milk, blood and fecal samples to soak up the contents in the event of leakage.
  • Place frozen ice packs over fecal, blood and tissue samples for proper cooling during shipping
  • Include Sample Submission Form(s). Place inside container in a plastic bag to avoid damage from any leakage or condensation. For shippers purchased from NorthStar, place submission form in the FedEx envelope on the outside of the package or outside the foam cooler/inside the outer box – if applicable.
  • Seal shipping container with packaging tape.


  • Only ship samples Monday – Wednesday to avoid weekend deliveries.
  • USPS, FedEx or UPS acceptable carriers.
  • Second day delivery/expedited shipping is not necessary unless desired.
  • If using FedEx shipping arranged by NorthStar
    • Place completed FedEx form in zippered pouch on the outside of the shipping container. Do not stick form to the outside of the box.
    • Call FedEx (1-800-463-3339) for package pickup.
    • FedEx will ask for NorthStar’s account number, which is located in BOX 7 on the FedEx form.
  • When shipping from Canada, please include the U.S. Department of Agriculture import permit with shipping documents.

Ship Samples To

  • CentralStar Michigan Lab, 1163 Comet Lane, Grand Ledge, MI  48837. Phone:  517.333.8381
  • CentralStar WI Lab Complex, 200 East Kelso Road, Kaukauna, WI  54130. Phone:  920.733.6598

Additional Help Contact
[email protected]

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