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CentralStar serves dairy and beef producers in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana, with additional DHI territory in surrounding states. Full-time employee team members benefit from paid-time off, insurance, 401(k), awards, etc. Our team structure allows for excellent training and management, as well as professional development.

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What Is The Best Way To A2 Test My Dairy Animals

What is the best way to A2 test my dairy animals?

So, you are interested in knowing the A1/A2 status of animals in your herd but are confused about which test is best. Determining which method to use depends on your situation and the age of animals.
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Lameness Challenge Conventional Wisdom

Lameness: Challenge conventional thinking

Studies to analyze lameness traits show indirect selection to improve lameness resistance, hasn’t been effective. Fortunately, new tools that more directly address lameness resistance are available.
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Are the best animals in your herd really the best and why knowing matters

You inherently know who the best animals in your herd are, but what if your gut is wrong? On average, animal misidentification occurs approximately 18% of the time.
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On-Demand Webinars

  • Pregnancy – Eliminate the labor pains of pregnancy checks
  • BVD – Vaccination is the only step in stopping the cycle
  • Mastitis PCR – You don’t have to settle for no-growth results
  • BLV/Leukosis – Untreatable does not mean unmanageable
  • The journey to A2 milk – The inside scoop with MOO-ville Creamery and Select Sires
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