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CentralStar serves dairy and beef producers in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana, with additional DHI territory in surrounding states. Full-time employee team members benefit from paid-time off, insurance, 401(k), awards, etc. Our team structure allows for excellent training and management, as well as professional development.

Latest from the CentralStar Blog

Prioritize Execute Repeat

Prioritize, Execute, Repeat

The progress made in reproductive performance on dairies is truly impressive. Today, it’s more commonplace to find herds with pregnancy rates over 30%.
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How Many Heifers Should You Raise

How many heifers should you raise?

The goal of reproduction has shifted from creating a replacement, to creating a fresh cow; the calf, or many of them, are simply the byproduct.
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Passive Immunity

Reaching for Genetic Potential

Whatever happens to a calf day 1, week 1 or month 1 of its life determines if it will live up to its genetic potential. This statement is true for both replacement heifers with tremendous milking...
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On-demand Webinars

  • Pregnancy – Eliminate the labor pains of pregnancy checks
  • BVD – Vaccination is only one step in stopping the cycle
  • Mastitis PCR – You don’t have to settle for no-growth results
  • BLV/Leukosis – Untreatable does not mean unmanageable
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