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mycotoxin control • teat dips • animal identification • electrolytes • direct-fed microbials • dewormers • colostrum management • calf health


March 2024 Top DHI ECM Herds

The monthly DHI Top Herds report ranks the top 100 Holstein and Top 10 High-Components Breeds herds for Energy Corrected Milk (ECM). To appear in the report herds must have a data collection rating ≥ 90, herd size of ≥ 25 and be enrolled in an official DHI test type with CentralStar.

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Maximize Herd Longevity

Maximize Herd Longevity

A smaller heifer inventory means reduced culling and turnover rates in the milking herd. This gives you the opportunity to milk more mature cows that produce at higher levels. Unfortunately, high-production mature cows come with a higher risk for mastitis and elevated Somatic Cell Count (SCS). So, how do you ensure you are selecting genetics for the right traits and indexes to facilitate healthier, longer-living cows?

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The DTX difference at Kessenich Farms

The DTX difference at Kessenich Farms

In 2018, Kessenich Farms, LLC, a 600-cow Jersey and Holstein herd in DeForest, Wis. was faced with reproduction issues. Wade Kessenich recalls, "we had a lot of abortions in the third trimester, and...

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  • Pregnancy – Eliminate the labor pains of pregnancy checks
  • BVD – Vaccination is the only step in stopping the cycle
  • Mastitis PCR – You don’t have to settle for no-growth results
  • BLV/Leukosis – Untreatable does not mean unmanageable
  • The journey to A2 milk – The inside scoop with MOO-ville Creamery and Select Sires

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