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CentralStar provides DHI services to nearly 2,000 herds and more than 600,000 cows throughout Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and surrounding states. DHI records are processed through Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS), the largest dairy records processing center in the United States.

We offer a variety of services to make managing your herd more profitable.

  • Routine DHI testing programs
  • Milk testing services for butterfat, protein, somatic cell count (SCC), solids not fat (SNF) and milk urea nitrogen (MUN)
  • Diagnostic testing for pregnancy, mastitis, Johne’s disease, leukosis, BVD, neospora, A1/A2
  • Affordable dairy management software – DART
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Testing Programs

We have testing programs to best meet your needs and will customize a program for any size herd and set-up. We guarantee seamless data transfer to breed associations and offer official test types to meet the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) requirements.

When you choose a Processed Test program the data is processed through DRMS. Processed Test data flows to CDCB and breed associations, and a backup of your data is stored. Alternatively, the Non-Processed test provides only the basic data of milk weights, components, and SCC and is returned to you as a CSV file.

Processed Tests

Official, supervised

A trained and certified DHI Specialist is on the farm for one milking to collect milk weights and samples. Weights may be gathered from an automated milk recording (AMR) device.


CentralStar supplies meters and sample vials, so you can collect samples and record weights. DHI Specialist picks up samples and sends them to lab for processing. Weights and samples can be taken from one, two, or three milkings at no additional charge.

Robotic parlor

DHI Specialist sets up and uses the Ori-Collector, which is approved for use with DeLavel, Lely, Galaxy, and other robotic systems. For sample collection independent of a DHI Specialist, contact CentralStar for milk sample shuttle rental rates and availability.

    Automated milk recording update

    Milk weights are collected from an AMR device in a parlor and sent to DRMS for processing. Butterfat and protein are estimated. This test type is used in conjunction with the weighed and sampled test types.

      Non-Processed Test

      The DHI Specialist collects milk samples and can record milk weights if requested. Samples are evaluated at a CentralStar lab and a CSV file containing animal ID, milk weight (if requested), sample number, components, and SCC data are provided. Records are not processed through DRMS.

      Milk Sample Analyses

      Milk samples can be analyzed for a variety of production, disease and health-related traits. Samples submitted through routine DHI include analysis for components and SCC, with the option to add other testing at an additional cost.

      • Components (fat and protein)
      • Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN)
      • Somatic Cell Count (SCC)
      • Solids not fat (SNF)
      • A1/A2
      • BLV
      • BVD
      • Johne’s disease
      • Mastitis
      • Neospora
      • Pregnancy

      Samples can be submitted between routine DHI testing direct to the laboratory via mail, drop-off, or delivery service. Contact the CentralStar lab nearest you to establish a program.

      CentralStar Lab
      1163 Comet Lane, Suite 100
      Grand Ledge, MI 48837

      CentralStar Lab
      200 East Kelso Road
      Kaukauna, WI 54130

      pc dart pocket dairy

      Dairy Management Software – DART

      DART (previously called PCDART) software and mobile app, PocketDairy provide affordable per cow pricing with local support and FREE program updates. It interfaces with major milking and electronic heat/health monitoring systems.

      Dairy Herd Management Reports

      Countless herd management report options are available electronically or printed.

      Electronic reports are available through WebReports. Sign up and you, as well as others you designate (vet, nutritionist, herd manager) will receive an email when your reports are ready. Online report costs are based on the number of cows.

      Printed reports are mailed to you once your herd is processed at DRMS. There are over 70 pre-designed lists and summary reports to choose from. Popular reports include:

      SCC Hot Sheet

      Reports SCC scores of all cows and ranks the top 20 affecting the bulk tank SCC level. This FREE report is emailed to you within minutes of samples being processed at the lab.

      Udder Health Monitor (427)

      Monitors SCC by lactation group. Identifies cows to cull for poor udder health. Overview benchmarks herd with the top 20% of cohort herds.

      Transition Cow Report (408)

      Provides analysis of key transition period metrics including dry periods, first milk weight, fat to protein ratio, udder health, reproduction, turnover, and distressed cows. Includes goals for each metric which are set at the level achieved by the top 10% of herds similar in size to your herd.

      Energy Corrected Milk (217)

      Managing Energy Corrected Milk is a useful tool for markets that are paid on components. This report helps ensure you have the highest dollar product going to the processor.


      If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

      Let CentralStar DHI Services measure individual cow performance, so you can effectively and efficiently manage your dairy.  If you are ready to explore the power of DHI testing, contact the DHI Manager in your area.

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      Amy Toutant Northern WI DHI Manager

      Amy Toutant

      DHI Manager - Northern Wisconsin

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      Jeff Hardyman

      Jeff Hardyman

      DHI Manager - Iowa, Illinois, & Southern Wisconsin

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      DHI Manager - Michigan & Indiana