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BLV Herd Profile Edited

The first step to managing BLV

With USDA estimating 94% of all dairy herds in the United States are infected with BLV; chances are your herd has it! BLV is incurable, but not unmanageable.
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Avoid These Costly Mistakes Calf Photo

Avoid these (costly) mistakes

After 40 years in the industry, Retired CentralStar Consultant, Julie Ainsworth shares a few key lessons that routinely emerge and still exist as opportunities on dairies today.
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New Standard Passive Transfer

New Transfer of Passive Immunity Standard

There has been a long-standing definition of successful transfer of passive immunity, stated as 10 grams of IgG per liter of serum, 24-36 hours post colostrum feeding. The United States Department of Agriculture has raised the standard.
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Prioritize Execute Repeat

Prioritize, Execute, Repeat

The progress made in reproductive performance on dairies is truly impressive. Today, it’s more commonplace to find herds with pregnancy rates over 30%.
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Passive Immunity

Reaching for Genetic Potential

Whatever happens to a calf day 1, week 1 or month 1 of its life determines if it will live up to its genetic potential. This statement is true for both replacement heifers with tremendous milking...
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Milk Fever Research

New Milk Fever Research

Despite the wide-spread adoption of negative-dietary cation-anion differential close-up diets, an estimated 25-50% of newly freshened 2nd lactation and greater cows will experience...
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