Artificial Insemination Training

Hands-On Artificial Insemination (A.I.) Training Course

CentralStar’s hands-on cattle Artificial Insemination training courses provide you with a solid foundation for a future career in the industry or to practice and grow A.I. skills on the farm. Classroom training includes reproductive anatomy and physiology, A.I. technique, A.I. supplies, semen handling, estrous cycle and synchronization protocols, and more. This two-day course includes palpation training, where you have the opportunity to practice the art of A.I. inside live cows.

Cattle AI Breeding Training

Upcoming Artificial Insemination (A.I.) Training


There are no public A.I.-training opportunities available at this time. Watch us on social media for future dates.


CentralStar A.I. Specialists

CentralStar has A.I. Specialists that perform on-farm reproduction services throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. If you need someone to perform A.I. service and/or manage your reproduction program, or your herd is experiencing a decline in reproductive efficiency, call 800.631.3510, and we will connect you with the A.I. Specialist in your area.

If you enjoy working hands-on with cattle, a career with CentralStar may interest you. Visit our careers page for details, and to apply.