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CowManager makes your life easier.

It maximizes profit by monitoring your cows’ fertility, health, nutrition and location with impressive accuracy. 


Maximize profit with timely insemination.


Early disease detection based on individual cow behavior and temperature.


Improve health and milk production with balanced eating and rumination.

Find My Cow

Find cows easily and save time with the user-friendly cow locator.

Simplicity – The ear sensor

The revolutionary ear sensor technology provides accurate information about your herd’s fertility, health, nutrition and location. The sensor fits around any RFID tag.

Accurate – The data

CowManager is a complete plug-and-play system that is compatible with your farm management system. The data transmitted by the sensors is collected by (solar) routers that can be installed in your barn, pastures or feed lots. 

Real-time – Smartphone or computer

CowManager monitors your herd 24/7 in any situation, regardless of farm size. It’s the ultimate tool for continuously monitoring your cows’ fertility, health, nutrition and location, receiving real-time information on your smartphone and/or other devices.

Want to know more about CowManager?

Contact one of our CowManager specialists or Visit the CowManager website here. 

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