Milk Component Tests

Component Tests

CentralStar’s two milk analytical labs utilize state of the art laboratory techniques to analyze for butterfat, protein, SCC, solids-non-fat, and MUN.  Additionally, samples can be tested for Johne’s, leukosis, BVD, neospora, mastitis, pregnancy and more.

Sample Types

  • Milk – Preserved


  • Keep out of direct sunlight or heat
  • Invert one hour after taking sample to mix preservative
  • Ship within 24-48 hours of collection


  • SCC and components available within 24 hours of sample processing
  • MUN available within 3 days of sample processing
  • Results provided via email or mail


  • SCC/Components $1.50/sample
  • MUN $1.50/sample
  • MUN/SCC/Components $3/sample
  • Submission Fee $10/order
  • Testing billed upon sample receipt

Testing Supplies

CentralStar’s laboratories provide sample analyses on milk, blood, fecal, and tissue samples for a variety of production, disease and health-related traits. More than 6 million samples are processed annually using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques including infrared spectroscopy, flow cytometry, ELISA, PCR, and more.

Diagnostic tests are intended to identify diseases for animal health, and do not determine the “safety” of milk.