About the Cooperative

Inspire. Innovate. Integrate.

CentralStar is committed to igniting our team’s passion to explore endless possibilities, creating new solutions that deliver greater results on farm. This approach allows us to meet our mission of, “enhancing producer profitability through integrated services.”

CentralStar Cooperative Inc was established on May 1, 2019 as the result of the merger between NorthStar Cooperative and East Central/Select Sires. CentralStar has a robust history with more than 150 years of combined experience and innovation from NorthStar and East Central. Today CentralStar is a leader in delivering integrated products and services to the dairy and beef industries across the Midwest including:


integrated services

CentralStar Team and Services

CentralStar delivers on-farm service to more than 7,500 dairy and beef producers in the midwest, with diagnostic testing and lab services being available across the U.S. The majority of CentralStar team members live in the community they work and represent one of the most comprehensive field services team in the Midwest. A small portion of our team responsible for administration, distribution, research and lab services work from one of our four facilities in Lansing, Grand Ledge, Waupun and Kaukauna.

Owned by members, CentralStar customers have the opportunity to purchase common stock which gives them the right to participate in elections and vote on issues affecting the operations of the Cooperative. The board of directors consists of the 13 member-owners representing different geographic regions.

We are committed to investing in lifelong learning opportunities, empowering our 400+ team members to be a resource for the most relevant information to help producers meet their goals. Our people are passionate about CentralStar, the Ag industry, and, most importantly, producer success.

The CentralStar team simplifies on farm matters by integrating critical products and services. When our team is a part of genetics, reproduction, dairy herd management and herd health from start to finish it maximizes results.

Our Mission

To enhance producer profitability through integrated services.

Our Vision

To provide premier services and products to agriculture producers to enhance their business and well-being. We accomplish this vision by:

  • Expanding current and new services through support of technology, research and development;
  • Collaborating and investing in strategic alliances with other business entities, and
  • Promoting a work environment that enhances knowledge, creativity, innovation, and personal growth.