Lab Services

CentralStar’s laboratories perform both diagnostic testing, as well as DHI milk analysis, making sample submission convenient and economical.

Our experienced laboratory technicians process more than 6 million blood, milk, fecal and tissue samples annually using state of the art techniques including infrared spectroscopy, flow cytometry, ELISA, PCR and more. Our labs are certified by National Dairy Herd Information Services (DHI) and Quality Certification Services (QCS).

Committed to creating novel tests, CentralStar pioneered the use of DHI milk samples for diagnostic testing in 1999. Through collaborations, the cooperative is credited for developing and delivering the first commercially available diagnostic test for milk samples with the AntelBio Johne’s Milk ELISA. Since then, diagnostic tests for use on milk samples have grown, including the much-anticipated Milk Pregnancy Test.

lab services

Convenient Full-Service Labs

Get your test results through online web portal, text or email.

Convenient Full-Service Labs

Ways to Submit Samples

CentralStar Michigan Lab
1163 Comet Lane – Suite 100
Grand Ledge, MI 48837
[email protected]
CentralStar Wisconsin Lab
200 East Kelso Road,
Kaukauna, WI  54130
[email protected]

Working with producers, veterinarians, milk cooperatives, and other segments of the industry, CentralStar’s laboratories help you identify and manage outbreaks, as well as proactively manage herd health and disease.