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Scientific Solutions

As a Division of CentralStar Cooperative, AntelBio™ delivers scientific solutions through collaborative research in bovine disease, genetics, and production.

Research and development are at the core of CentralStar’s vision. AntelBio works to expand the product and service portfolio for dairy and beef producers through collaboration with industry allies. We promote innovation and discovery to equip producers with the tools needed to drive the dairy industry forward.

Our Research

The AntelBio laboratory is equipped with modern molecular biology technology, biotechnology, and genomics enabling genetic discovery, molecular diagnostics, and data innovation.
Lab Team
CentralStar Research Team L to R: Chaelynne Lohr, Kyra Schlenkermann, Kelsey Brigham, Kait Houghton, Casey Droscha, Hannah Davis, Kara Parsons.

Research Pillars

Molecular Biomarker Discovery and Detection of Organisms

AntelBio is continually developing laboratory tests and protocols to meet the demand of producers. In addition to superior accuracy, AntelBio-developed solutions are cost-effective in-line solutions within the DHI system enabling supplemental diagnostic testing of the DHI milk sample. We diligently strive to place our work at the intersection of novel biological discoveries and next generation technologies to deliver cutting edge tools to producers without the prohibitive cost.

cow and baby calf

Genomic Discovery

The genomic age of dairy is well underway and modern farming ultimately requires genomic selection considerations to remain profitable. AntelBio utilizes thousands of DNA samples in conjunction with lifetime production and diagnostic information to investigate genetic associations of disease and immune response. Through use of next generation sequencing technologies, particular genes are now known to confer resilience to common bovine pathogens through our research.

Data Analytics & Innovation

The development of a comprehensive diagnostic and production database paired with a DNA biorepository, AntelBio is constantly improving analytic tools to address difficult-to-study aspects of dairy science, from immunology, and longevity, to environmental and genetic impacts of dairy production. Access to millions of datapoints enables powerful insights that are tested and disseminated to our producers and the greater American Dairy Industry through peer-reviewed literature and dairy press.

cow and baby calf

Dairy Herd Information (DHI)

The value of the DHI system has stood the test of time. As the largest DHI organization in the U.S., CentralStar is a leader in testing services and monthly dairy cow production data. CentralStar’s integrated services enable meaningful and actionable farm metrics to be generated. AntelBio aims to support this system through bringing the next generation of DHI data originating from mid-infrared spectroscopy. Development of accurate spectral models for important aspects of cow metabolism, feed efficiency, and carbon footprint is high priority for AntelBio.


To keep pace with the ever-increasing demands, automation is quickly becoming an integral part of successful organizations. AntelBio works daily to evaluate, engineer, and implement autonomous solutions to our laboratories, field staff, and producers. As data continues to become more voluminous, automation of data migration and database ingestion is one of the highest priorities of AntelBio whereby utilization of machine learning and artificial intelligence can be most effective at discovering high quality associations to be tested in the field.


CentralStar collaborates with strategic partners within the academic, dairy, livestock animal diagnostic, and life sciences sectors. This collaboration fosters effective innovation and implementation of novel discoveries into tangible products and services to facilitate advancement of the dairy and beef industries.
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