Gut Check on Gut Health

Jun 7, 2024 | Educational Blog, New

Cows thrive on consistency, preferring the same reliable meal daily. However, adjusting to this steady diet can be challenging for the gut health of fresh cows. What can be done to help with this adjustment? Include a nutritional supplement that supports gut health and rumination, alongside a calcium bolus at freshening.

Which one?

Dairy producers across the country include BioFresh® Microbial Bolus in their fresh cow protocols to assist with these challenges. BioFresh not only stimulates appetite and enhances immune function, but also ensures fresh cows adapt smoothly to their new diet. The care of fresh cows is critical and sets the tone for their entire lactation. By incorporating BioFresh, you can improve gut health and help mitigate common fresh cow challenges.

But wait, there’s more. Research conducted at Southern Illinois University demonstrated that administering BioFresh for three consecutive days post-freshening reduced days open, decreased services per conception, and lowered LSCC in cows with an initial LSCC >5.

Benefits beyond fresh cows.

BioFresh aids in managing digestive upsets anytime. When paired with “health alerts” from an activity monitoring system, like CowManager, administering BioFresh allows you to catch and treat cows with below-average rumination before symptoms become clinical. It also helps manage somatic cell count (SCC) by boosting immune function of cows facing environmental mastitis challenges.

Check the label.

BioFresh Microbial Bolus contains 9 billion colony-forming units (CFU) of beneficial bacteria and yeast per bolus. It utilizes egg-based specialized proteins and vitamins to combat digestive pathogens and enhance immune function. Designed to boost ruminal fermentation and overall digestive tract health, BioFresh triggers a digestive response through its yeast and enzymes, supporting a cow’s immune system during high-stress periods including feed changes, pen movements, and calving. These additional stressors, as well as others, can negatively influence gut health and performance, making consistent gut health management essential.