Calf Hutch Deluxe II

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Standard size calf hutch with a side feed station

When inside feeding is preferred, the Deluxe II is the solution. It has all the same features and benefits as the Calf-Tel Pro II, but also comes equipped with an indoor feed system designed to be durable and protect the feed from the elements and provide added flexibility for the producers.

  • More usable interior calf space than other similar hutches
  • The most efficient rear-bedding door of its kind
  • Extremely durable, but light enough to handle easily
  • Designed so each calf can seek its ideal microenvironment
  • Optional feeding configurations include outside feed pail for liquid and a hutch- or fence-mounted bottle holder

Additional information

Weight 73 lbs
Dimensions 86.5 × 48 × 54.5 in