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Tri-Mic WD


Product Details

Key Ingredients: Contains live lactic-acid forming bacteria (LABs), live cell yeast, and fungi extracts.

Focus: Reduces occurrence of scours and promotes gastrointestinal microflora improving average daily gain.

Feeding Rate: Normal feeding: 1 gram/head/day. Environmental Challenges: 2 grams/head/day.

Size: Available in a 500 gram jar or 5kg pail.


A probiotic source for use in whole milk, or milk replacer to improve digestive microflora. Promotes the early establishment of beneficial digestive bacteria necessary for proper digestion of milk and grain diets. Aids in rumen development when transitioning to a dry feed diet. Reduces the occurrence and severity of
scours and helps re-establish digestive bacteria following antibiotic treatment, illness or environmental stress.

Additional information

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500-gram Jar, 5 kg Pail

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