Tri-Mic WD

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A water dispersible direct-fed microbial (DFM) for dairy and beef calves. Helps stimulate feed intake during periods of change.

Key Ingredients: Contains live lactic-acid forming bacteria (LABs), live cell yeast, and fungi extracts.

When To Use: Feed daily to provide beneficial microflora supporting gut health and overall calf performance. When not feeding daily, feed at first sign of stress or health challenge, or during environmental change.

Directions For Use: Tri-Mic WD is designed to be mixed with water, milk replacer, or liquid feeds.
Normal feeding: 1 gram/head/day.
Environmental Challenges: 2 grams/head/day.

Available Sizes: 500 gram jar with enclosed scoop holds 2 grams. 5kg pail with enclosed scoop holds 50 grams.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry area with lid secure for maximum stability. Intended for animal use only.

Research-Supported Features & Benefits

Provides a high dose complex combination of viable (live), naturally occurring microorganisms selected specifically for the young animal.

  • Improves gut health by establishing beneficial microbial populations, which crowd out pathogens.

Enhances the environment of the digestive tract, which activates the natural occurring beneficial digestive microbes

  • Reduces occurrence of scours and promotes gastrointestinal microflora improving average daily gain

Contains live lactic-acid forming bacteria (LABs), live cell yeast, and fungi extracts

  • Reestablishes beneficial microbial populations following antibiotic treatment, feed changes, and other incidences of environmental stress

Utilizes state-of-the-art package with low moisture carrier and moisture scavengers

  • Guaranteed LIVE product with 12-month shelf life

Formulated with highly dispersible ingredients

  • Mixes easily into pasteurized waste milk, milk replacer, or liquid feeds.

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500-gram Jar, 5 kg Pail