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Webinars focus on tools and methods that can be used on farm to help improve animal health and wellbeing, farm sustainability and profitability.

Get more from your beef breeding program

Get more from your beef breeding program

CentralStar Beef Specialists Trevor Yager, Adam Wood, and Scott Ellevold share insights on how to get more from your beef breeding program. It starts with pre-planning and includes great attention to nutrition, breeding protocols, body condition, sire selection, and...

Been there, done that. What’s next for Johne’s disease?

Been there, done that. What’s next for Johne’s disease?

Johne’s disease isn’t a new challenge facing herds; but it may be one that has fallen into a rut or forgotten, particularly if herd prevalence is low. You’ve been there and done that; so what’s next? In this webinar recording from May 10, 2023, Dr. Don Niles, dairy...

BLV/Leukosis: Untreatable does not mean unmanageable

Dr. Don Niles and leading Michigan State University (MSU) researcher, Dr. Tasia Kendrick, discuss recent research efforts that will help you manage the effects of BLV on dairy- and beef-cattle health and productivity. https://youtu.be/GyOcxq113iU  

BVD: Vaccination is only one step in stopping the cycle.

Chances are you vaccinate for BVD and forget about it. Is that really the approach you should take? At a cost of $2.5 billion to dairy- and beef-cattle producers through sick animals, treatment costs and death, is burying your head in the sand the best approach?...

Pregnancy: Eliminate the labor pains of pregnancy checks.

Routine pregnancy checks are necessary, but a pain due to time and labor. Learn how milk-pregnancy testing reduces and removes time and labor pains, while keeping your herd’s reproductive performance on track. https://youtu.be/D2VB6Zhq-UQ