Yager and Klevgard named CowManager® Specialist of the Year

May 18, 2022 | News

Select Sires Inc. honored Trevor Yager and Darin Klevgard at the federation’s recent Trusted Advisor Conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Yager and Klevgard provide unmatched support to herds that utilize CowManager’s innovative activity monitoring system throughout Wisconsin, Michigan and most of Indiana.

Yager was named the 2021 CowManager Specialist of the Year and led all CowManager specialists in system and sensor sales in 2020. Yager thrives by supporting his customers’ goals and helping them achieve increased efficiency, productivity and profitability. He is also well-versed in beef production and has become an asset to his customers engaged in the beef x dairy market. Along with his CowManager support role, he is also the recruiting and training manager for CentralStar Cooperative.

Klevgard was awarded the CowManager Specialist of the Year honor for 2022. For 21 years, Klevgard has worked alongside dairy farmers to help improve their operations. He led sales for systems and sensors in 2021 while meeting the needs of customers in northwest Wisconsin. Installation of CowManager systems in his territory has helped farmers with labor challenges, improved herd health and increased reproductive efficiencies. In addition to his work with CowManager, Klevgard is an effective team leader and is known for encouraging individual talents to garner the best results for his team and his customers.