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See what neighboring herds have to share about their CowManager experience. 

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“We wish we had done it sooner!”
Van Vliet Dairy, Deckerville, Mich.

“CowManager lets us be more proactive and head off problems before cows get really sick. When we receive an alert that a cow is not “acting” normally we drench her right away. Previously we would not have seen cows like this begin to struggle because there are no outward signs. With CowManager it’s identified early, and we are able to fight off illness and keep them producing.”

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CowManager identifies sick cows more quickly
Pride View Dairy, LLC, Randolph, Wis.

In the five years since Pride View installed CowManager, their cow pregnancy rate increased from 22% with a 60% submission rate to 34% with a 75% submission rate. “The numbers tell a lot by themselves,” said Chad. “It has definitely improved our breeding, there’s no doubt about that.”

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One thing leads to another with activity monitoring
Benthem Brothers Dairy, McBain, Mich.

In 2009, Benthem Brothers herd already enjoyed a 28,000 pound rolling herd average (RHA) with a 150,000 somatic cell count (SCC) on three-times-a-day milking. These are numbers most would and should be proud of, but reproduction on the farm was another story. Stuck at a 20% pregnancy rate, 140 days open and a 14-month calving interval, Jason knew they could do better.

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CowManager at Summit Farms
Summit Farms, Plymouth,  Wis.

The modules that we use with CowManager are Nutrition, Health, and Fertility. When we check CowManager in the morning we can see alerts. Some are just suspicious activity and some are clear that a cow is sick. There are daily and hourly graphs and reports. We like to look at the hourly report because if a cow has a low activity spot and then she starts eating again, we are not as concerned about her.

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“Finding cows on the front end of a health challenge is critical.”
 United Dreams Dairy, North Freedom, Wis.

Having rumination information available is a great way to monitor cow health. Finding Cows on the front-end of a health challenge is critical to getting them back to ruminating quickly, keeping them healthy and profitable members of the dairy.”

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