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CentralStar offers a variety of valuable internship opportunities. Find more information below.

CentralStar has eight agricultural-related internship opportunities available every summer: five in artificial insemination (A.I), two in milk and diagnostic testing, and one in research and development.

The A.I. Specialist Interns have the opportunity to experience a career in the A.I. industry and work with the breeds’ most elite females to produce the next generation of impact bulls and females. This internship provides the appropriate individuals the opportunity to learn and provide A.I. in both large-herd commercial operations and registered elite embryo programs throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

Laboratory Interns are part of a dynamic team that analyze samples and report component and diagnostic results from dairy and beef producers. These two internships provide opportunities to experience a variety of sample-analysis platforms and sample-processing methodology. Interns will discover data is king, and CentralStar laboratories are a source of a lot of valuable information for producers.

The Research and Development Intern helps discover and validate new diagnostic tests utilizing some of the latest molecular and immunological techniques and technologies. The Dairy Herd Information (DHI) milk-testing system has been in place for more than 100 years, but now even more value can be drawn from routinely collected samples to improve animal health and herd management. This intern has the chance to collaborate with researchers, veterinarians, and producers as samples are collected and studies are carried out.

The application deadline for our internships is always Oct. 31. Watch our website and social-media pages in September and October for internship information.

Summer Food Systems Fellowship Program

This twelve-week program provides first or second year veterinary students who are interested in the dairy industry or diagnostics the opportunity to work closely with the AntelBio staff to conduct research. Details regarding this internship are available through the Summer Food Fellowship Program.

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